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Specific question about H1R/CR250

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Hey quick question, Ive read you should always follow the recommended mix ratio on the premix bottle, and the H1R I use suggests 40:1 for anything above 125ccs. But I have an '04 CR250 with the troublesome exhaust bridge so I've always ran 32:1. This is my second cylinder,but I believe the first one cracked when I was still running the TMX. What would you guys suggest? This is almost entirely for motocross use.

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I have nearly 500 hours on a top end on my '03 cr250. (not recomended) and its seen nothing but 40:1



how you ride, how the bike is jetted, what kind of oil, all dictate what your ratio should be.


if you are racing motocross, i suggest you stick to 32:1 if your more of single track guy there is nothing wrong with 40:1



wrote this in the yamaha section



2 strokes love oil.


more oil means


  • cooler running
  • slower piston wear
  • slower ring wear
  • slower cylinder wear
  • longer bearing life
  • longer crank life
  • better ring seal
  • more power
  • more consistent power


the manual recommend 30:1 I recommend 32:1 and factory race teams would run ratios in the ball park of 20:1. when they had 2 strokes in the mix. (mix, pun intended)



But yes, go ahead and run 50:1, someone on the internet said 50:1 is fine so it must be true. and you get to save a few $ in oil. win friken win



If i wasnt wide open on MX tracks, i would go as far as 40:1.

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26:1in my 2Ts with H1R, premiunm, Quicksilver fuel additive, lucas fuel treatment. It's my whiches brew LOL. My 4T gets the premium, quicksilver and Lucas. 2T Dyno runs have proven 24:1 correctly jetted makes the most horse power . But no one wants to hear that cause they might have some "ohh my god droooool...

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