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Getting a 2006 WR450F street legal

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Bought this WR a few months back.   Great bike, lots of fun to ride, never thought a 4 stroke could put this kind of power down.




I would like to get this thing on the road mainly for connecting trials and no need for trailering locally.


I don't plan on long road trips, less than 5 miles at a time between trails.


I'm in Horry County South Carolina and would like to know what it takes to get it plated.


Already contacted the DMV and they dont know what to say beside "I dont think you can do that"


If we can do this i'll post every step of the way for future riders


2006 WR450f.jpg

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I know there is probably lots to be said on the site referenced above.

But let me add this: Buy the right bike

By that I mean a bike with a clean title

Even though the WR comes from the factory with only a red light on the back

and no blinkers in SOME states that is enough to pass inspection

As such, in all 50 states they sell the WR with a TITLE (as opposed to a Cert of Origin)

....Like you'd get if you bought a YZ


1/2 the Jack asses out there find a way to screw this up

They either loose the title, sell it and improperly document it,.....something


You will save yourself ALOT of work by choosing one with a clean title

Then go to Baja Designs to get all the correct hardware to make it road legal in your state

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