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Do you expect me check your profile or

look back at your previous posts in order to

figure out what bike you are asking in regards


That said, on Keihins, the pilot jet works in

conjunction with the idle mixture screw.

In my experience, modifications to filtration

and exhaust have had little impact on A/F

mixture at idle and low speeds where the

pilot contributes - nothing that could not

be accomodated by adjustment of the IM


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Xr200 pd97 carb...thanx

I understand mix screw just don't know what to look for as far if I'm making it to rich or to lean.

I can turn it all I want and nothing changes when engine is running..

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What you need to do is to set the idle low say about 1000 rpm and the wind the fuel mixture screw in. The bike should stumble and slow or die. Wind it back out, with the engine running, until you get to a sweet sounding note. The bike should stumble at about 1//2 - 3/4 turns out from lightly seated and will run rough from about 2 turns out. Winding it in will lean the bike and out will richen it. If nothing happens winding it in you may want too consider going a size up on the pilot and try this again. If you want to know what the revs are doing buy a good automotive mulitmeter with tacho function. Clip it to the HT lead and wind back the idle. I like to check the plug as this also tells me what the engine is doing overall. 

Is the engine running rough after making these mods or are you just checking to see what is going on??? 

What is your elevation above sea level and what plug are you running. Also what year bike? 

Pilot setting is 1-1/8 turns out from lightly seated on 1986 on models except for california models which is 1-7/8.

Needle clip position is 3rd groove for 87 and on.

main jet is a 110 for 87 and on.

Pilot is a 38 for 87 and on and a 35 for CA models.  

Excalty what aftermaket exhaust did you put on?

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Im at the beach sea level...Its a hybrid...87 frame and suspension

Me02 engine 80-83 xr200

With a 1991 PD carb..E3 spark plug

The bike runs smooth.starts 1-2 kicks.

No bogging or back firing. Smooth idle..great power..don't get hot when I hammer it..at least holding my hand next to it..smooth at 1/4 throttle criuse.no problem at w.o.t.. not farting or popping during in gear decleration... air screw its at 1 1/8 turns..

I'm just Mr anal perfection...and can't Leave it alone...

I have uni filter.. and xrs only header on the way soon once he gets them in.

Stock unbaffled muffler..

115 main jet

Stock pilot

Needle at 3

My question then is. I know they come lean from factory..so I upped main..

When I do any main jet up or down..

Do I have to go up or down corresponding sizes on the pilot???

#2 do I fatten it up first off the stock lean setting?

And then jet up from there for air filter. And continue up for pipe. Or is my "baseline" the stock factory jet??.

Oh no snorkel on air box..just little trim piece that sits on top to keep water from rushing in...sorry if I don't make sense it 5am and I still ain't gone to sleep..

I really just need someone to say if bike is doing this ur rich or if bike is doing this ur lean.once again will my pilot come up with main.after muffler. I just don't know what's symptoms to listen for..if any.

In the winter it will prob. Get xrs only muffler... so I know that will require new jetting..I just don't want to go to far in either direction..

One more thing is xrs muffler loud or quite..I want loud real loud..we ride on private 3500 acre ATV park.

And my neighborhood is super dirt bike ATV friendly..I love the southern country

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You said 1991 carb but we need to know the model number on the side of the carb since there were two models that year; PD97A & PD97B. And they have different stock jetting and set ups.


I suspect it is a PD97A, the setups are:

Stock jetting from Clymers & Honda
Year/model ......... Carb ….. main .. pilot .... clip ... initial mixture…..
79 XR185……... PD31A … 115 …. na ….. 4th ….  2 1/4 turns out…
80-84 XR200….. PD32A … 102 ….35 …... 3rd … 1 3/4 turns out….
81-83 XR200R .. PD28A …. 138 ... 38 …... 4th .… 2 1/2 turns out.…
83-84 XL200R …PD61A … 100 …. na ….. 3rd …. 1 1/4 turns out…
86-87 TLR200 ... PD07A …... 92 .... 38 ...... 3rd …. 1 3/4 turns out…
86 XR200R ........ PD97A …. 112 .... 38 ...... 2nd … 1 1/8 turns out…
87+ XR200R ...... PD97A … 110 ….. 38 ..... 3rd …. 1 1/8 turns out….
88+ CA XR200R  PD97B … 102 ..... 35 ...... 3rd …. 1 7/8 turns out….


The carb model determines carb setup, not the year of the engine. The above settings will work with the above carb models on any XR185/200 engine, and are a good starting point even for mildly modded engines.

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Thanx so what are rich and lean symptoms... and what bout going up on jets with upgrades

Up one for lean from factory then up again for air filter then up again for header than up again for xrs only muffler???????? Is that the general idea???

And do the same w pilot or leave him alone...

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If the bike is running fine as you have mentioned then I would leave it. 

I have taken out the snorkel and uncorked my exhaust at the rear and left it all stock. 

It rund okay but has valve problems. 

If yours is fine leave it. 

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It can be time consuming to rejet a carb and the factory jetting is rich enough for minor mods.  I have an 82 engine with a Powroll big bore piston, 10,5:1 CR, Powroll header,  FMF Q muffer, and a K&N pod filter.  One size up on the main.


I had a stock 90 and it ran great with stock jets even with the air box snorkle removed, a Uni Filter, and XRsOnly header.  Just to show how the various carb jet circuits overlap: I had the needle clip in the 4th groove with a stock 110 main and it ran great, I then installed one size larger main and it ran crappy; turning the throttle  on from a trailing throttle was ragged, turning in the mixture screw helped.  Dropped the needle back to 3rd groove and it ran better.  I later installed a new needle/jet kit because of wear on the needle and needle jet for further improvement. 


My Powroll 218 w/ 11:1 CR, torque cam, and aftermarket exhaust is up 3 size on the main  along with a new needle jet kit.


So unlike some of the newer Hondas that seem to be very lean from the factory, the XR200s seem to rich enough for minor mods without needing rejetting. That may be why there is not a lot jetting info for the XR200 while other models seem to have a lot of rejetting info on their forums. Contrast that to my CRF250X that was very lean from the factory and with only minor engine mods went from a stock 130 main to a 158,  one size up on the pilot, a different needle, and an accelerator pump mod. The only mods to the engine were to open up the airbox and add an aftermarket slip on muffler, not unlike a lot of mods done to XR200s that don't require rejetting.

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OK thanx for info

Now on my other bike 93 200 pd97a

Runs awesome on the main jet

But farts hisses misses at idle and low speed and sometimes dies at idle if left alone I run mix screw all the in till it stops then bike idles up high back the mix screw out a tiny bit it runs. Crappy again.. if I read Honda manual correctly screw all the in is super lean..so at idle and part throttle it must b really fat..correct or incorrect????

So I need a smaller pilot??????

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fixed it

nothing a spare carburetor couldnt fix

got the old one soaking in diesel for a week then take it to work and blow it out with shop air..hopefully it works or it goes on the burt monroe shelf

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