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I have a Honda XR250L I purchased new in 1991. NO modifications have made to the bike in any form. Only have around 4000 miles on it.  After recently cleaning and reinstalling the carb I was having a problem with the bike returning to idle. I could have damaged the idle jet or misadjusted the pilot air screw. Upon researching to find the solution I found the article "Honda XR250L Project". One of the issues the article addresses is the disadavantages of  the 250L pumper carburetor vs the 250R non pumper. Since the 250L model had to be street legal it was subject to EPA regulations. This resulted in different jetting, bowl size, needle jet, pilot air screw, etc than the R model. The R model is the better performer therefore because it was designed for more gas/air flow and did not have to comply with any regulations for street. I decided if the expense was not too great I would just go ahead and replace my L carb with a R carb and maybe even replace the stock exhaust to try to mimick the XR250R's performance.  Here lies the problem. Seems used 1991 250R carburetors are not easily found so I decided to just purchase a new aftermarket. Can't seem to find one of those either! Surely there has got to be an aftermarket source that I'm just overlooking for both used and new carbs. Would appreciate info!  

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