Looking to replace my DRZ400SM, offered a WR426f

My roommate totaled my DRZ400SM last weekend. I found a guy that wants to trade my slightly beat up SV650 for a street legal WR426f.


Think I could put the 17" wheels from my DRZ on it?
His turn signals and taillight are connected to an auxiliary batter that he charges with a battery charger or solar panel, is this normal? How hard would it be to wire signals into the stator?
I'm 5'9" with a 31" inseam, think it would be livable to kick over and ride as my DD or for long highway trips?

Finally, I took it for a test ride and it power wheelied in 2nd very easy, unlike my DRZ, but the mid range felt really anemic. Normal for the tall gears or carb issue?


Here's a link the to ad: http://rochester.craigslist.org/mcy/4474168624.html

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I would not trade the DRZ for that I just sold a 2001 DRZ400e for 2500 and picked up 2006 WR450 for 3300. There is no doubt that the WR is a better bike then the DRZ. I think you could get a newer wr450 for that price. That is just my opinion. Good luck on a seach. unless you have to have turn signals I would go with out. Hand signals people see better anyways.

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