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DR500R Reviews RDX Boots

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Just got a brand new pair of O'Neal RDX (White) boots, and I thought I'd share my thoughts on them.

These are a brand new boot from O'Neal; they've been out for literally two weeks now. Take that as you will.

The build quality is very, very nice. No jagged edges on the plastic, buckles, or soles. FANTASTIC ankle support -I can run with no pain in my left ankle with these boots-. Though there is a bit of pressure on top of my feet by my ankles, and above the outer ankle bone. I feel that that will go away with break-in.

The buckles are easy to adjust, though are a bit hard to snap into place. Again, I'll assume that they just need to be broken in. The one ratchet (goes across the ankle/tibia) is very easy to operate and works smoothly. 

The boots overall are very comfortable and fit well. (I'd compare them to Gaernes and Sidis, but I have no experience with those.) They do seems to run slightly big if you are just wearing normal socks. With MX socks they leave enough room in the toe area to not be constricted. YMMV. 

Will do a ride report soon, as well as a review of them while running Leatt C-Frame knee braces.















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Thanks for taking the time to review, they look like good boots...oh, and tell that storm trooper not to be sitting in front of your fireplace like that   :naughty:  :)

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Just finished tooling around on the CRF150. Granted it's not my main ride, but it gave me a good "feel" for the boots.

The rubber on the inside calves of the boots grip the bike VERY well, I was actually a bit surprised. I could feel both the shift lever and the brake lever remarkably well, but I did have some trouble finding the shifter. BUT, I do wear a size 13 boot and the bike has the stock shift lever. I'm gonna deem those as the problems. Ankle articulation was smooth with little resistance and you could change your footing easily without worrying about missing the peg.

I wore the boots around the house for ~6 hours before riding, to make sure they were broke in decently well. All of the pinching and pressure issues that I was having before were completely gone. Now they feel like I have two pillows wrapped around my feet   :thumbsup: 

Overall I'm SUPER impressed with the boots; I think they're well worth the money. Will be doing a race report once the opportunity comes.

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