2000 yz426f

What do y'all think. A guy close to me has one and wants to sell to me. He says it has been ridden very rarely. Serviced regularly and 2 hours have been put on it in the last two years. Let me know your thoughts on how durable and reliable this bike would be. It seems to be very well taken car of. Are there any issues with these particular bikes? About to proceed with the deal but now just wanting info. Thank guys

I have been speaking to a friend today who has a 2003 426, and said it's a bitch to start? Don't want to put you off just saying?

Yeah this guy told me that.

When the bike has good compression, the carb is clean and tuned right, and you do it the right way, they start fine. 

Please don't quote me on this, but I have read that they have problems with oil leaks. Not sure what courses the issue but wouldn't want you regret buying it.

Hopefully someone will give you more of an experienced opinion.

I bought a 04 crf 450 and pumped money into it because someone did not look after it, but I suppose you live and learn.

Whatever happens, I hope it works out for you!

I just bought an 06 a couple months ago, nice bike. I bought mine based on researching wich bikes are most reliable. For me the yamaha was it. And I'm a honda guy!

I'm leaning more to a xr200 for a buddy bike instead.

Hey sruiz67. What grayracer said is correct. As long as you have everything dialed in and the carb isn't dirty you will have no problem starting the bike. I have an 01 426 and usually starts in one kick, two if it's been sitting for a few days. The 426 will blow the doors off of an xr200 all day everyday. Price will obviously be a factor. If you're looking for something tame, smaller and lighter you should definitely go with an xr. If you want a beast of a bike go with the yz. Just my opinion. Either way you'll be riding which is a plus in my book. Good luck.

I have an 98 yz400f the exact same thing as the 426 besides the obvious. Like gray racer once said they are as reliable as side walks and man hole covers

Yeah I hear that but because of the power I would have to take the older 426 and give my 2006 wr250f to friends and I really like that bike. I have gotten old and lazy. So I think my other option is to get an xr200 for friends and keep my wr. The yz426f is nice and the original asking price was 2k but the man accepted my offer of 1200 so that why it's a great deal and hard to pass up. For right now I'm staying with the wr for myself and getting and xr for friends.

I owned one and of the 23 bikes I've owned in my life it was the best of all. They could be a pain to start but once you learn the drill for your particular bike it's quite easy to start. One thing that model was known for was a low end bog but it could be tuned out. Other than that it was a bulletproof ride.

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You guys need to stop. I'm hearing all this good about this bike and I've kinda ruled it out so I can keep my wr250f and just buy a xr200 for a buddy bike. The bike does look great but if I bought it id have to ride it and give the wr up to friends. I don't think I want to do that. From most all the reports though the 426 sounds like a great bike. For my trail riding I better pass it up.

Says a lot though out of 23 bikes it has been the best.

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