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Wrong crank bearings

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I was at the point of installing my rebuilt crank into my vintage race 83 Kx125. I bought Hot Rods crank bearing kit. The stator side bearing was the correct part. However the clutch side was wrong. No big deal,things happen.

The next day I called Hot Rods to get the bearing that should have come in the kit. They looked into it. A few days later I called back to hear that that's the bearing Kawasaki called for even though it doesn't fit. Hot Rods informed me it's not thier fault and wont give me the correct one, but could sell me a bearing the correct one. I was shocked.

I'm not bashing HotRods. I'm sure they are a great company. I'm sure there are great companies that sell parts that don't fit what they list them to fit all the time. I'm sure those good companies won't back thier product and charge the customer a second time to really get the right item.

So if you buy a Hot Rods bearing kit I suggest you check the bearing sizes right away. And if they are wrong, you may have to buy them again. And you may miss a weekend of riding.

To get the correct bearing I ordered one from Kawaski as I should have the first time. Thier part fit

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