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2002 YZ250 Cuts out at 6,000 to 6,500 RPM only

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As the title reads...

I have gone through the search and researched a lot of "cut out" posts here and did everything. (with the exception of cracking the case open to replace the right side crank bearing) So, the carb has been cleaned and "rebuilt", has a new JD Jet kit. (Also because I have three of the same bikes it does the same thing with a different carb as well.)


I have changed out all the electrical components (Stator, CDI, Coil, Carb Power Jet) one at a time with the exception of the wire harness. 

Timing as per spec: Ignition timing (B.T.D.C.): 0.18 mm (0.007 in) 



I picked the bike up for 600 because the left case was broken from the guy not running a case saver.


Should have done it myself but I didn't.

Had a shop replace the case half and all worn parts (case half, all bearings on "left side," clutch arm, clutch push rod, new piston/hone, etc.). However, they did not replace the right side crank bearing when they did all this (I would have). 


Put the bike back together and:

After about 5-7 hours it started doing this crap, and I am on the thought process of it being the one right side crank bearing now.

I have tried to see movement of the flywheel while prying one side to the other but if there is any it's to hard to see with the naked eye.


So like I said, bike ran great for about 5-7 hours, now it cuts out at 6,500 RPM. I have rebuilt one of the other bikes (one of my sons) and it now has 12 hours and zero problems. 


Any suggestions before I crack the case and put in a right side crank bearing? 

This is my AZ plated one so I am really in a bind to get it fixed to bring out there.


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So it craps out at 6500 RPM, but does it pick back up (like a crappy dip in the powerband)?

Did you check/swap out the reeds?


Craps out from there up, does not hit the power band, new cage/V-force3 reads. I am going to piddle again with the carb as soon as I have time, do a couple chop/kills. Maybe even swap it out for one of the other bikes. I haven't tried that yet. 

Thanks for your input...



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