nick in fork shaft

i noticed my yz400 developed a leak in one of the fork seals. then i started looking at the chrome shaft and noticed a decent size nick in it but it looks like someone took sandpaper to it to take off the high spot and im guessing the scratches left in the chrome are whats wearing the seals. so is there any fix for this or just replace the shaft? and what other bikes are compatible? or is there an upgrade i can do while im at it. ive noticed ebay mostly sells complete pairs of forks not just the shaft. so if i gota buy a set of complete forks would something newer be better and fit my tripple clamps?

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If you can sand out "most" of the scratches using wet 320 or 400 grit paper in a cross-spiral pattern, you can usually get by with "some" scratches.  Otherwise, contact a suspension tuner in your area about re-chroming the tubes.

well i found a tube on ebay. can i swap just the tube on my forks? there not made to be a match set are they?

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