04 450 side stand

Anyone know where i can get the part number for the 2004 wr 450 side stand, i'm thinking this may go well on my 426 since mine needs replacing, thanks,

Yes, found a wonderful site online. It gives you an exploded veiw, all the OE part numners and no "parts fish" in the middle of the picture! Go here for OE Yamaha parts breakdown!!! and you'll see the link for "parts and servcie, then go to the brakdown, pick your bike! I have to use these guys, all the Yamaha shops near me are closed on my days off (Sun/Mon) so its the only way I can get Yamaha parts, order them online. I use this site to look up all the parts. I've printed all the exploded veiws out, it make for a good referecce for dissasembly too. :)

Thanks but i already found that one, it doesn't list the 04 WR :)

Thanks but i already found that one, it doesn't list the 04 WR :)

I guess Yamaha "conveniently" left the 04 WR off that list so TT'ers would have a more difficult time locating part numbers for the starter gear upgrade. :D

Conspiracy Theorists - 1

Yamaha Motor Corp. - 0

Actually the YZ450 just showed up on the list the first of the year so I would expect the WR to follow along in a couple of months since the WR delivery date lagged the YZ's by about that much.

There you go with that rational thinking again. :)

Then again they be hiding it cause they don't want you to see the new starter parts. :)

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