Ferry Replica "Fly"

Just got my new Tim Ferry Replica Fly helmet, too cool! It looks a lot better close up than in any picure I have seen. I have been a Bell guy since the early 70's, but I feel they have slowly slid downhill since the old Moto-4. Hope I can get Timmy to auto it for me in Dallas! :)

How do I get mine ?

I been looking all over.........

Is it a Bell Helmet ?

Later, Jason

No, its not a Bell, I guess my post wasn't to clear. The name brand is "Fly". To find one I called the Fly distributer number off of an add (Racer X, I think) and found out who was the closest shop that sold them. They ordered it for me. I guess I could have Mail ordered it but I believe in supporting my local shops. Nice helmet!

Nice price $239.00 retail. Almost half of what my Shoei cost. Has anyone owned a Fly Helmet? Can you comment on fit & finish as well as the liner.......


The contact link on there site is not active, does anyone know how to get in touch with someone who could help me get one ?

Later, Jason

Sorry Jaybird67k, I assumed the contact link would have worked. Here's the number from an ad in RacerX




I was wondering how they fit compared to other helmets. Do they have a space for your ears or is it just a one piece liner. I would like to know before I gave up my Shoei.

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