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TE OEM Plastics options?

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Hi All,

Have a question out of curiosity more then anything.

Just recently purchased a 10' TE510 From a shop here in Aust. They had it advertised as a TXE, When I asked, Did they mean it to be a TXC? I was told "No, it was an import" Only a handful of them are imported To Australia.

(Tho TEs are everywhere here)


The bike is totally stock other then the PU upgrade from the previous owner.
But what throws me is The Rad plastics are white, not the typical red plastics all TE/TXCs wear.

First I thought maybe the PO was forced to replace one? (and just brought white for something different?)
But Then I see, by chance a 510 advertised (later in a trading post) as a 'Special Addition' With white Rad plastics.
Personally, I'm not into the whole "Special/ Anniversary Additions etc etc" bs.


So I figure if any where the States would have what we Always miss out on.. If such models exsist?
But I am curious? Anyone?


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The TXC 510 has a carb so there wouldn't really be a power up for that model. If it is fuel injected then it is a TE model. Husky had white plastic available for most models at one time, but there weren't ant special models that were sold with it in 2010.

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