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Hammerhead shifter/brake for 07 crf250r

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First off, I am in no way affiliated with hammerhead...

I am a beginner rider whose boss is an retired mx racer... So he got me into it. Rebuilt my bike from the ground up (except suspension, still awaiting parts).

Took her on her maiden voyage a few weeks ago and I had a heck of a time shifting and the brake was an on off switch.

This was all due to user error. I am a bit "penguined" toed due to a botched knee surgery and the braces that I wear.

My boss suggested I call up hammerhead as they "might have a wider shift nub".

I look at their web site and none to be found. I call and they have one last one!!! I guess they don't make wide ones anymore. What a shame.

I ordered the wider shifter peg, a brake lever and throttle tube (yeah, I crash a lot).

Took her out to Hollister today and what a difference! I could find the shifter every time! And I had the brake pedal adjusted as short as possible and could actually modulate the rear brake, which was a major help when going down hill washboards into a corner.

I guess what I am saying is, their stuff rocks, adjustability is great, and I hope they change their mind about no longer making the wide nubs for the shifters... It's great stuff!

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