Best tires for soft to intermediate terrain

I'm looking for opinions on the best tires for soft to intermediate terrain. I ride only MX and the track I most frequently ride goes from freshly watered dirt to softer sand as it dries out during the day. There is one hard section but it's too short to be significant in my opinion. I'm mostly interested in the front but suggestions for the rear are great too.


Dunlop 756-They hook up everywhere. I ride on a track that is orange clay like dirt..awesome when its moist but like concrete when its dry. The 756s hook up in either condition. My track also has a few woods loops that are 75% deep sugar sand, the 756s hook in the sand too.


My personal preference is Dunlop 752 or 756 rear and 755 or 766 front for every condition (especially anything remotely soft).

Sorry about the fat finger -- that's 756 front not 766

Bridgestone M59 M70 combo.

Later, Jason

Michelin S-12 series, they work awesome and last forever!

I'm going to vote for the 756 front and rear. They work really well in every condition I have ridden in except blue groove, hard pack.

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Hey dude just like Tom says the M-12 tire is the waty to go..........later

Sorry thats S-12 my bad :)

go with the s-12 they make your bike like a tank in the soft stuff and don't go to bad on hard terrrain either

dunlop 756/755 either is great.

For soft to int terrain 756/756

For varing conditions 756/739G F/R

Int to Hard 739/739G

The new Dunlops really seems to cross over well. I have been real pleased with 756's and 739's.

Sirthump, check out Cyclenews, for last week, they had a tire test on a new Dunlop specifically for what you wanted. I forget who wrote the test, but he said He liked the tires. They were a 77something I think, apparently available everywhere now. Good Luck

Michelin S12 rear and M12 front. No contest around these parts.

756's soft to medium (winter)

739's intermediate to hard (summer)

I JUST SCORED NEW 756'S LAST NIGHT, YA! Ready for the soft stuff now.


What size is that rear tire? And get to work on my forks :) ..You dont have time for this :D:D:D



I've ripped side knobs off of every tire I've used except the Michelin S12's. These things stick like **** to a blanket but I think that the M12 front is better. S12 rear, M12 front

Michelin S-12 without a doubt

The Michelins are sized by the "old" metric scale. In other words, a 120 width Michelin is the equivalent to a 100 Dunlop, a 130 equals the 110 Dunlop and the 140 is the same as a 120 Dunlop.

Your parts should show up today, Pete.

Dunlop has a brand new soft terrain tire out that is replacing the 755 and 752. It is called the 773. HERE is a review. A couple of guys over at DRN are running them and love them in the mud/sand/moist dirt. I think Rocky Mtn has them in stock.

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