Best tires for soft to intermediate terrain




front m-12

rear s-12 130mm

I agree 110% w/MX T :D

I tried the s-12f/m-12r and VERY SLOPPY.

kinda like Dom Delouis on ice skates!!! :)

I also tried the s-12f/s-12r and better but the front end was DANGEROUS on hardpack. pushed everywhere!

The m-12f is a lot more stable on the hardpack and gravel road types!

Gotsta be berry berry ca-full with the s-12r hookin and TOSSIN' ya'll!!!! :D

Plus Mich has paid all my tire bills for 2yrs!

No biased here!

Thanks all for the information! I just visited my local moto shop and they had a 80/100-21 D756 in stock so I picked it up (didn't see the Michelin there at all). If all goes well then I'll get to test it out tomorrow.



Dude, Hands down, no question!! The Michelin Starcross MS-2 ( Medium-Soft)is the baddest tire on the market!!! I have been ridding Dunlop tires for 15 years on every type of off road bike you can imagine. Put it this way, unless dunlop can produce a tire like the Starcross, I'll NEVER go back. Two friends of mine who also ride '01 426's talked me into buying them. The only down fall is you get what you pay for, Big Bucks!! They also last twice as long as the Dunlops no matter how you ride. To me, this is the only tire for these torch machines. Also, just a tip, go with the standard 110 in the back and buy the matching front. You'll piss your pants!!

Good Luck!! Later.........

d756 up front (dunlop)

s-12 in rear (michelin)

don't use the s-12 front for mx... it walks out on you in the turns as soon as the conditions turns any bit towards hardpacked (or just not soft terrain)


Sorry, but the Starcross on my 426 is junk. I just bought the bike (with the tire on it). The tire doesn't show much wear, but almost every side knob is barely hanging on. Some are ripped completely off. This is after one day of riding in the trails. I'm putting a 755 front, and a 756 rear on ASAP.

I'm a Michelin man, after using Dunlops, Bridgestones, Pirelli's, etc.

Dunlop 756's rode great, but wore out VERY quickly. After 4-5 rides, the traction just disappeared.

Michelin S12 combo works great for mud. There is a 140/80 size (equivilent to 120) for the rear that is extremely aggressive. The S12's wear extremely well, even if some rocks are tossed in the mix.

Either S12 both ends or M12 front, S12 rear.

I was planning on trying an S12, but after seeing how this Starcross is doing, I'm a little hesitant to buy a Michelin.


Ive normally run the dunlop 755 on the front and the 756 on the rear. Until my sponsor gave me a set of the New 773's. These things are awesome!!!! They hook up in loam,mud,deep sand, just about anything a track can throw at them. On hard pack we dropped 1 psi of air and the tire still hooked up. I also noticed that the front 773 doesnt start washing like the 755 when the knobs are slightly worn. I have found a new favorite tire combo and you should give it a try.

Its worth your hard earned cash. :)

All you people are crazy :)

For the ultimate rear grip in soft/int, the Bridgestone M26 is the ONLY option... That tire is awesome, it's the closest thing to a paddle, it has great side load support, and it doesn't wear too bad. In Florida (land of sand and whoops), it's the ultimate weapon! Actually, Dunlop's new 773 rear is sort of similar.

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