2 stroke gas in 4 stroke

Hey Guys went racing this weekend and And put a little gas in my bike out of my friends gas can he said his 5 gallon can had between a half gallon and a gallon of premixed gas in it when he filled the can before the race with regular gas. I know usually a little 2 stroke oil won't be a big deal in a 4 stroke but just wondering if I should get the gas out of the tank or don't bother. It is diluted because he filled the can and then I mixed it with what was left in my tank on the bike but this is a 2012 with fuel injection so I didn't know if this could cause some complications. Should I go too the trouble of draining it or don't even bother thanks.

I would drain it just to be safe. Its only a couple dollars worth of fuel, and it may save you from having to clean a gummy injector.

Won't hurt a thing.  Period.

Thanks guys i think I will leave it since after talking to him there was less oil in the can than I thought if any. It was the second time he put gas in the can since the 2 stroke gas was in there. I was just concerned since its fuel injected. Glad too here if some one sneaks some two stroke gas in my tank it won't be the end of the world. I just convinced the same friend to stop using baby oil on his air filter when he upgraded to a new 450 from his 01 yz250. Ha ha ha

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Won't hurt a thing. Period.



As long as u dont do it on a regular basis. Carbon buildup n whatnot

I moronically did the same thing in the middle of a National Qualifier...except I was the trusted pit crew. My brain knew something was wrong yet my hands kept lifting the gas jug and pouring into tank. Added points for me spilling the premix on the racer's tank, seat and crotch. Bike ran great, rider gold medaled and I'm still being teased about it any time a refuel is needed, ha.

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