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Is it time to modernize?

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My XT550's speedo cable has taken a dump. A new one is $16, I realize that's not too much. There is some idiot with a used one listed for $32 on eBay though! Additionally, the tach is done. It reads 0-2500 RPM with the motor off depending on which way you turn the bars. With the motor on reads red line with the slightest throttle input. The tach is actually the bike's second tach and came off a XT250 - while the red line reading is wrong, the tach did read correctly when it worked and was the same housing style.

So, I think maybe it's time to install a Trail Tech Vapor or a similar dash.

Before I jump in on Trail Tech, which I have on my wife's TTR-225 and I think is great.


I'd like to know if anyone has experience with another aftermarket speedo/tach/temp system that works better or fits cleaner or just looks more vintage. Also, it wouldn't hurt to get a suggestion on how to mount the temp ring because the XT550's spark plug is hard enough to install with out having to stab it through another eye-ring thingie.

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