09 yz450f minor radiator leak

I was at the track yesterday and rode all day. Towards the end I noticed a few drops on my engine, radiator was still full so I just went ahead and loaded it up and when I got home I took the plastic and radiator guard off the side and cranked it up. Looks like it's leaking somewhere on the radiator I can't really tell where. It just ends up filling up in the bottom of the radiator and over flowing. It has to get hot to leak tho. Can I repair this or should I just get some new radiators? I've looked on ebay and I can't get over sized radiators for like 80 bucks are they any good?

You can isolate the leak with an automotive cooling system pressure tester.  Be sure your overflow discharge tube is connected at the radiator.


Leaks can usually be repaired by most good radiator specialty shops who work with repairing aluminum core radiators.  Alternatively, you can send it to Myler's in Utah for about $75, often less if it's not bent.

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