Yz426 hesitates half throttle

I recently picked up a 01 yz426 all stock and well maintained but recently out riding for first real amount of time I noticed at half throttle it hesitates pretty bad. Any ideas what it can be maybe fuel screw adjustment? Oh and only thing I forgot to say is no top on air box other than that all stock

The YZ's had no top on the air box.


When it's "hesitating", is it acting "blubbery" and loaded up, like the choke was still on, or like it's gasping, running out of gas?

How does it act at WOT? I had a hesitation problem only at around half throttle. Grayracer is right there is no top. The only thing above the filter is the seat. With mine I had my service guys adjust the jets and I now use Lukas ethanol treatment during each fill up and I no longer experience any hesitation. Could be something else entirely though. Best of luck.

I took carb apart and cleaned it pilot was pretty gummed up probaly from sitting and I richend it up a little on mixture screw so far seem perfect so keep fingers crossed . Other thing I wonder is should I try to run higher gas then super in it

No, just pump premium.

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