Yamaha WR 450 seems to idle fast once it gets hot

Yamaha WR 450 seems to idle fast once it gets hot and sits in traffic for a while any ideas how to overcome this

I noticed the same thing yesterday on my ride, but it was after 2-3 hours of riding.  Are you talking about right after it warms up, or after riding it for a good long while?  I am sure other folks on here may have a solution but I wondered if the idle adjustment screw vibrates a little after a long ride.  I readjusted mine and it seemed fine after that.  I will follow this thread and see if anyone else has any ideas.  

Your carb takes a while to get hot.

My WR takes about 10 min, and my CRF takes about 20. 

Once fully hot, properly adjust your fuel screw, starting with the lowest possible hot idle, turning the fuel screw to get max (desired) idle.


Next time you go to start it, you will notice the idle is too low......until it gets hot again.

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