benefits of steering damper?

I'm a little confused as to what these actually do, and how they do it. Is it like a gyroscope or something? Are they more beneficial for woods riding, or good for mototracks too?

The dampner will help you out in the technical rough areas such as uphill rocky climbs. Not to many mx/sx guys use this product. What they do is dampen the Jarring affect. You know those hard left to right abrupt jerks, when you think your hands are gonna slip off the bars. Thats where they help out! :)

hope this helps...

Give yourself 10 points for spelling it correctly (or perhaps we’re both wrong?).

It is not a gyroscope, a steering damper (Scotts, GPR, WER are the primary brands) for dirt bikes is much like the one on every car. It is just a hydraulic shock absorber (no spring, just the shock) for the steering mechanism. All three brands I mention above are basically the same in operation as the automotive type, they just use a different mechanism (and look different) to do the same thing as the unit attached to the steering arm on your car.

The first steering damper I ever saw on a bike was on a crotch rocket and it DID look like a smaller version of the one on my pickup. So when I saw a Scotts damper for the first time I was a little surprised by what it looked like.

Hope that helps.

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