Screen on air filter cage needed with FI?

My first 4-Stroke was my 2012 WR450F with fuel injection.  I have a friend who has been telling me to cut out the screen inside the filter cage on both my 07 YZ450 (Non-FI) and my WR.  I have some concerns with doing it because I had a friend who's bike burned up in the early 90's after a backfire from his carb.  I'd be doing this for a chance at better throttle response on the YZ, and just to see if it helps uncork the WR any.



No toil and twin air make flame resistant elements to use with their high flow cages if you're scared of a backfire burning it up.  I cut mine out but I don't know if it made any difference in performance.  It's hard to cut it all out, there's a lot of tiny pieces left on mine. 

If you bike is jetted/mapped correctly, it will not backfire.

Very little to be gained, not worth the hassle in my opinnion.  After buying a new twin air  and looking at both stock and twin air filters decided stock was best.  Bought two more stock filters and always have a clean one to put in.  As always opinions will be different.  Just mine. 

I use the No Toil dual stage with a cage from a YZ250 2-stroke. When I cut the stock WR cage it left sharp strings around it that could get sucked into the motor. The YZ cage comes without the mesh.

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