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Motocross Glen Helen, San Bernardino CA - Round 1 - MX 2014 Predictions, Discussion and Results *SPOILERS*

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I have the 2014 MX season up and ready to go.

***** Like in the SX season I wont be able to keep up with entering all the results so if anyone wants to help me with that throughout the season please let me know****


Below is the top 25 from last years MX season.


If you have played in the past you still have the same login so just go HERE to get your picks in

if you want to get into the fantasy thingy go HERE to sign up

Here are the rules...

So lets get to the picks

Each player will pick the top 5 OVERALL in the 450 class and the top 5 OVERALL in the 250 class and fastest qualifier for the 450 class...

Here are the points you will get for each correct pick
1st - 9
2nd - 7
3rd - 5
4th - 3
5th - 1

here are bonus points
2 point for fastest qualifier in 450 class
1 point for each rider picked in top 5 (any position)
(you get a bonus point for every rider picked in the top 5, any order)

Pick entry will be closed before the first timed practice starts on the day of the event. So lets say 9am local race time

To make it fun it is always better to also post your picks in here but you don't have to anymore.

If I think of anything else I will let you guys know in this topic...

Pick Deadlines Saturday May 24th at 9am PST


I have no idea of any of any new guys coming up just for MX so if you know of any let me know and I will add them to the list.


Is Mookey riding 250 or 450?

Good Luck!!!!

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