new to the forum...426 question

I posted this question on the Suzuki forum and havent had much response. I hope you folks can help me a little more...

I grew up riding 2 strokes and I love the sudden burst of power however, I'm now 30 and haven't ridden that much in the last few years and was punished by a YZ 250 last sunday (wheelied too far and went over backwards...ouch).

I have a few friends that ride the DRZ 400 from Suzuki and they tell me that it is the "cat's meow". Pleanty of power but it's smooth 4 stroke style power without the burst or whiplash. I don't really know if thats good or bad since I am so used to the 2 stroke hit.

What is the 426 like in comparison to the YZ 250. What is it like when the power gets "turned on"?

My riding style...I may play MX every now and then but I really enjoy fast trail ridin and hill climbs like Carnegie and Hollister if you are in CA.

Anyhow, thanks for your time.

Chad L. Dwyer


I switched from a souped up 1990 yz250(it would roast all the newer 250's), and the 02 426 seems way more punchy, and hard to keep the front down( quite a handful). If your looking for smooth, easy to manage power, this may not be the best bike, eventhough it is "the" best bike. See if you can test ride one first.

Hi DILZDAD, Actually I got a YZ400F '99 that is very similar to a 426F, almost the same minus 25cc less in the engine. This is my first 4-stroke, my last bike was a KTM 300EXC, a 2 stroke monster and really the difference between this two bikes is not so noticeably in my style of riding, actually I'm trailriding fast and the 400F is a bat out of hell bike, it doesn't claim nothing to my last bike (KTM). I think that the 426 is better compared with a 250 2 stroke engine than with a 300 but the power is plenty in this thumpers, you'll never be disappointed with a Yamaha YZ400F or better yet the YZ426F no matter what bike are you getting off !

Hope this help you a little and take a test drive before you get your next thumper, but the Blue Brand is one of the best brands you'll find out there !

Just siezed my 94 KX250 crank bearing! Ive been riding Team Green for about 6 yrs till this happened, anyways just picked up the 02 426 and I thought that I would miss that 2 stroke snap as well......I DONT THINK SO!!! this bike has some juice! I too cant seem to keep the front end down! :) I LOVE IT!!!! :D

MY .02

The 4 stroke hit is linear compared to the 2 stroke hit, which is all of a sudden. After you ride the 4 stroke for 30 minutes, you know when that front end is going to come up and ride accordingly. The 2 stroke power hits so quick, it is sometimes hard to manage. The DRZ is a little heavier and doesn't have the power or the suspension of a YZF. If you think the 426 is maybe too much, you oughta look at the YZ250F. If I didn't weigh 205 lbs, I would get one in a heartbeat. It is a sweet little machine.


For what its worth,

Im 29years 6 foot 150+ lbs. Yeah on the weightless side. I rode an 1986 YZ250 for years untill I bought the 02 YZ 426 in october. I have been riding mostly at Carnegie. My interest are trails, and hills. I didnt want to lose that snappy 2 smoke power either. My experiance with this bike has been more than I could Imagine. Suspension is plush and reacts very well to horsepower output. Throttle response is very good and the part I like is the power is very usable all the way through, from bottom end to top end. Im light enough as it is, and I cant keep the front end on the ground. With my weight, this bike can climb hills in 3rd no problem and pull the front end off the ground at that. I like the fact that I can easily point in the direction I want it to go and it goes there.

Coming from a 2smoke it has taken some time to get used to, but again the power is very useful. I noticed a twist of an already open throttle and and instant response. Another words, if Im in 3rd gear climbing some hill and I need more horsepower, twist the throttle a little more and I got all the power i can handle.

This is only my opinion.

Im planning on going to Carnegie this weekend the 19th or 20th. I'll go out on a limb here and let you test ride mine to get a feel, if your interested.

By the way, anyone else that may be going to Carnegie this weekend, or any other, and want to hook up let me know. When I can get my buddys out we ride at Clear Creek, Hollister, Carnegie, and still looking forward to a trip to Stonyford. Never been there, but hopeful.


I have countless hrs of saddletime on a 2 smoke, 400/426,30 mins on a yz250f, and about 15 hard mins on a cr450f.

If I understand your ? right, you're asking how does a thumpster vs. 2smoke fit into an older (i.e out of shape, less saddletime) rider's style.

I ride mostly mx and some woods trail on my 426. Having had time on an xr before the 400 arrived, the thumpers(back then) biggest negative was the lack of instant power for whoops i.e. instantly getting the front wheel off the ground. The 400/426 will instantly get the wheel off the ground. Very 2smokish in that respect. Previous thumpers wouldn't do that. CR450f is instant, but not like the 426. No saddletime on the DRZ so only hearsay.

I refer to the thumpers as good "old man bikes" as they do not tire you out as quickly as 2 smokes due to the nature of power delivery. IMHO I would rate them from most tiring to least tiring as follows:1)426 2)450f 3)drz 4)250f.

If I were just getting back, I would want someone to steer me to the 250f. You can ride that thing fast for hrs and not get tired. Sweet power delivery and very nimble. It felt like a mountain bike compared to the 426. But...damn you can go fast on a 426 without fear of crashing,you just have to be and stay in shape.

Thanks for all the feed back guys!!! I really appreciate it. As a matter of fact, you have helped me decide...426 will be my next bike, hopefully within a few weeks!

WileE1, thank you for the offer to ride your bike. I am not able to make it though. A great friend of mine is a big wig with Yamaha and he hooked me and a friend up with press/pit passes for the Supercross this weekend in Anaheim. If the offer still stands in a week or two, I'd love to meet ya and see what it's really all about. Maybe I'll have a new scoot by then and we can just hook up and ride!!!

Thanks again to all!

Chad L. Dwyer


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