XR650R oilchange steps.... Please.

I need the step by step routine for an oil change. I probably sound goofy, but the bike came without a manual, and frankly I trust the folks here at TT more than our local dealer. I need oil drain locations, filter, quantity, and steps to removing most of the oil. It would also help if I had some recocomendations on oil type. I run BelRay EXP semi-synthetic 10-40 in my CRF so I have bottles of it all over. Thank you in advance. :)

I am at the point where I need to change the oil for the first time, Im more worried about the mess.. Not sure if i want to spend 20 bucks on a 'man funnel' lol.

Have the "Man Funnel", works great. Would recomend it to anyone. :)

The man funnel comes with a 30 day money back guarantee :). I've got a couple, one for my shop and one for my trailer :D

You don't need it to change the oil, but this $15.99 kool tool also reduced the overall weight of my bike/rider by saving me from eating another pizza and drinking a few more beers :D

Ah yes, the "man funnel" I got one not too long ago. Figured that I should suppot the inventor. Prior to finding one in stock, I took a 1.5L water bottle and cut it out to form a similar solution so that I could access the plug, but it would hold the oil until I remove it and pour it into a jug. The water bottle even held itself on without any leaks, the MF leaked a little, but I do use it to fill the oil back up. Maybe with a little practice I'll get the hang of it.

CAM2R, the man funnel should also work on filling the bike back up. With the front wheel turned to the left, the man funnel should fit steadily in place all by itself with the spout inside the dipstick hole. It should not be too wiggly. If it is, then perhaps you have an older design because it should be self supporting and stay quite steadily in place.

The other thing I use that's really helpful on oil changes for all my bikes is a large nylon/plastic graduated measuring cup with a pouring spout that I bought from a chem supply shop for $6. I drain all my oil into this large cup so I know exactly how much oil came out. Then I pour in the exact same amount of new oil and I'm done. I never have to remember how much oil our bikes take, which makes my job a little easier since I'm the one usually changing the oil on our XR80, XR100, XR200, XR250R, XR650R's, CRF450, KX250, TR200, etc.

Qadsan, now that's a great idea. I'm always trying to figure it out and spend time looking in the different manuals.


Heeeey...wait a minute! Did see CRF450R???? Qadsan, you couldn't wait for the X could you! I can't/couldn't either. The 250f rocks too! :)

Did see CRF450R???? Qadsan, you couldn't wait for the X could you! I can't/couldn't either.

Hey wait a minute now cause I don't want to give the wrong impression of me being impatient :D, but this belongs to my brother-in-law and I get stuck taking care of from time to time :D. He's also got the KX250 and a XR650R that I maintain for him, but we've got the rest of the bikes (XR80, XR100, XR200, XR250, XR650R) and some more that aren't listed which I keep in storage (older YZ's, IT's Huskey's, etc). Poor me gets stuck doing the maintenance and other stuff on the bikes, but I get to test ride them :)

I'm still faithfully holding out for the CRF450X, but if a Yamaha WR450F with 2-Trac appeared on the show room, I'd probably be all over that. Don't worry, I'd paint it red and put Honda stickers on it to really confuse everyone :D

I am right there with ya Qadson. Honda-hurry up and make me a CRF450X--

If i dont see any 'spy photos' by Sept.- time for a Blue wardrobe...

Until Yamaha steps up and deals with the 2003 WR450 guys straight up, I will NEVER consider Blue. I think we get spoiled with Honda quality. They are STILL getting shafted by Yamaha. Go check the WR450 forum. Now Yamaha is saying that there is NO PROBLEM with the electric starter, woodruff key, starter gear, engine cases, etc. etc. You can see the desperation and frustration in their posts. Man, I really feel for these guys. REALLY! I ride with a good friend that has one and he has had no problem...yet. I know how good these bikes are but to be treated like a red headed stepchild after you lay down over 6 Geezles for a bike...with design problems...Come On Yamaha, SUCK IT UP! :)

Hey wait a minute now cause I don't want to give the wrong impression of me being impatient :D, but this belongs to my brother-in-law

Brother In-Laws Huh? Sure Qadsan...anything you say! :D:):D

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