LED Flasher

I have a 04 WR450 that was previous to me turned into a street legal bike. It had flush mount blinkers on the rear and incandesce blubs in the front. I added LED too the front and of course the selected side just burns steady with all LEDs. I went too my local part store today and picked up a "LED Flasher" Grote Part# 44891. When it is plugged in it will only light up 4 of the LEDs in the front and nothing happens in the read. The flasher also comes with a ground wire and when it is grounded none of the LEDs light, front or rear. 


Is the flasher unit the wrong one, would Grote Part# 44890 work better?

Is it not a digital blinker?

Anyone have any ideas on a blinker that will work?

You can always use 6 ohm load resistors in parallel with the LED bulbs and the relay you had before.  Auto parts stores and ebay have the load resistors.  

Ya I know thats an option, was hoping to stick with just the upgraded flasher but might have to go that route... :(

I have one that says novita EP34.  I shorted it out at the power wash though.  The one I have now is wrapped in electrical tape so I can't read the number.

I just checked it out, it's EP35, the tape didn't go up that high.  Mine is hooked up to ground.  I had to add a ground wire on my other bike because I couldn't find an electronic flasher that didn't need grounded, or if there was one I was too cheap to buy it.  Can't remember.

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Thanks for the reply funt. 


So you just have 12v ignition power going too one pin, Ground going too another. and the wire going too the handlebar control plugging into the 3rd pin?

Yeah, mine is marked E, B, and L

I run ground to the E for Earth,

12V ignition to B for battery,

Switch goes to L for load.

Are you running a DC stator? I read that this could also be the problem with mine

It's a 12 WR.  I think the stator is full DC.

I bought an LED flasher on ebay, complete with yamaha plug.  It did not work.  I returned it and fitted load resistors and now my indicators are fine.

Well I grabbed some resistors today at the local bike shop, plugged them into the left and right front blinkers and they worked perfect for about 2 mins and then completely stopped working. hmmm?

I had a similar problem on another bike.

There is a company out there that makes dual sport conversion kits, Baja Designs

Cannot say enough good things about them.

Their tech supt is second to none


Perhaps call them?

I dont think you'd be picking their brain for free info, hell you may buy something from them !

So I think they'd help

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