07 yz 450 dies when braking

Bike does not do it every ride. Bike runs perfect on some rides but will die several times on another ride. I have rode on a Saturday and it would act up and rode at the same location the next day and the bike was perfect. It seems to do it on aggressive braking and getting back on the throttle, even with minimal throttle. I put in a jd jet kit and a boyeson leak jet and still have the problem. When the bike is running good it's starts easy. But when it dies it's very hard to start. I'm thinking maybe a firing problem but any advice would be appreciated.

This may be a dumb reply but you are pulling the clutch when you brake hard right?

I have a rekluse clutch. I have found that idling the bike higher and riding like I don't have the rekluse and using my clutch clever in turns does keep the bike from dying. The rekluse does seem to be set right, and it not doing it all the time makes me think it's not that.

Be sure that your idle is adjusted lean enough.  If you are one of the people who has enlarged the pilot jet or adjusted it to eliminate all traces of decel popping ever, or to try to get to the point where the bike can't be made to stumble on a snapped-open throttle even at an idle. that will cause the engine to drop back to an idle so quickly that it will dip below idle and die. 

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