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Engine Locked Up

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Hi Gang:


I was riding at Royal Blue this weekend and on the last ride of the weekend, we took the street for about 3 miles at 3/4 speed. About a 1/4 mile from the camp at 3/4 speed, my rear wheel locked up. I could not restart the bike, see the picture of my baby (CR134 done by Eric Gorr).


I took apart the top end tonight and the piston ring was basically welded to the piston, see attached pictures.


Based on the pictures, can you tell me what needs to be done? I have a few questions:


1. Will I need to get the cylinder honed or re-plated or both?

2. Will I need to do anything to the cylinder head?

3. Should I have Eric Gorr do the work or can someone else do it?

4. Will I need to do any bottom end work?


Thanks for your help.

Piston 1.JPG

Piston 2.JPG

Piston 3.JPG

Piston 4.JPG

CR125 2003.JPG

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Yes, I can post those tonight. I did not originally post since I thought the piston pictures would be indicative of the the cylinder condition, but I am no expert. Thanks for the reply.

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