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Ktm ignition cover gasket replacement with changing oil?

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I have a few questions about how to do this procedure (replacing the ignition gasket):

1. Will a gasket maker such as hondabond 4 work for this? I dont have a dealer with the part so I'm looking at using this instead of the gasket. I need it fixed by the weekend.

2. Can I do this without changing the oil? I willing to pull the case off and just let oil spill out but then can I just fill up the case again and call it good or do I have to follow the same procedure of filling as when you change the oil?

3. Could I simply lean the bike over on its side to keep oil from spilling out and do it that way? I'd be using the hondabond so I would guess it has to stay on its side for quite some time to allow the gasket to cure.

4. The top screw (part number 0015060303) is stripped or I should say the hole it goes into is stripped, not the screw, not to the point where it falls out but to a point were it spins while trying to torque, I'm planning on re-tapping it but do you think that a generous amount of hondabond along the top will suffice for now until I can get it tapped?


Thanks in advance guys.

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