Parting Out 1990 YZ250...

Thought I'd put this out there...The Bad news:Seized bottom end (cases may/may not be thrashed, haven't opened it up) Cracked subframe(second time it's cracked), bike is quite thrashed but... the good news: Good wheels w/good tires (back wheel has very small ding but is meaningless) Good front brake system w/ new line. Front forks good w/new dust oil seals but could probably usea rebuild for max perf. Good mikuni carb(perfect). Main frame good w/no damage. Brand new kickstarter. Brand new moose footpegs(very burly pegs). I know this is an old p.o.s 2 smoker, but there's a few left out there, so if you know anybody with one let me know.

Hi there! A freind of mine is looking for a basket case project to do over the winter. If it is complete and can be rebuilt ( knowing that the cases may be trashed ) what do you want for it?

Out of curiosity, how much would you sell the whole fornt end for. tha is front wheel, brakes,forks, both triple clamps, and everything along with it. Are they inverted forks or conventional? I have an XR id like to put inverted forks on. Thanks. you can E-Mail me at


As far as the friend in MOntreal, I don't think trhis bike would worth your while, especially after shipping costs, it really needs a ton of new parts to be a good reliable bike again. It needs: Complete Engine rebuild ???$$$???, chain, subframe weld or new subframe, handlebars, clutch cable+ lever, all the plastic is trashed, sprockets worn, radiators pretty banged up, throttle cable, rear brake line, bearings for rear linkage, etc etc etc. As much as I would like to see this bike rip again, I don't think it's gonna happen.

For the complete front end.... that's a noodle scratcher. I guess I'd take $30 for both tiple clamps and the headpiece that connects them(I think the steering bearings are fine, but I haven't looked); $200?? for both forks(yes they are inverted forks w/ all new seals, and they work great) front wheel/hub/new tire/axle $100, front brake sys w/ new steel braided hyd line, good res. and lever, good pads, rotor is exc. so is caliper...$100( the line alone cost this much). I think that's the whole front end for a total of...$430 but if you want it all we'll say $375 and you pay the shipping (I live in NOrthern CO) If these prices seem high let me know, I'm kinda pulling them out of the air, But I do know that all these parts new would be some major dollars, so I think their fair if not a little low. Let me know.

p.s. it is breaking my heart to tear this machine apart, but all good things must come to an end and I sure do need the $$$!

I could really use the back wheel if it fits on a 92yz250 I think it would but Im not sure. I might also be interested in the footpegs and carb. What would you want for these items?

I have no idea what the carb is worth...make me an offer. Footpegs were $80 new and are still new (used them about five rides)so I'll take $50. I'll try to borrow a digital camera so I can take some pics to post of the parts you guys want.

how much for the back wheel?

Please make me an offer on any part you might want, I am very negotioable on the pricing.

how about 75 for the rear wheel?

you can email me at

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4:20 you out there?

Sorry...been real busy lately, and heven't been near a computer. I just couldn't do it...I started to tear down the old YZ and felt really bad about it. I am going to keep it and rebuild it eventually, when I've got the time and spare money...I just hopr 2-strokes are still legal by that time! I've spent too many great hours on that bike and it has taken me on some great adventures...and it will rip again!!!!!!!! Sorry to the guys who were hoping for some cheap parts, i hope you understand.

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