precision concepts foot peg fix (yo qudsan)

sorry, qs, i had this on the bike for a week now, but just got around to uploading photos...

precision concepts couldn't really work with me on the price since they send the brackets up to WA. for welding. they don't have a large margin on final product... it was around $130. but it's piece of mind, and to me worth it. the pic below has the bolt in the forground that i sheared off in the g-out.

so i spend all last week tracking down the fix, getting hooked up with a new pair of pegs, backing the sheared off bolts out. then i go out to an enduro on sunday and this happens...

can't see it in the photos, but i took another hit just above the rear brake lever. it was a slow leak so i was able to finish the 3rd loop of the enduro. what a pain in the ass!






...but it's piece of mind...

Well worth it :)

Thanks for the fantastic pictures. It looks like a great solution. Sorry to hear about the hit on the clutch cover and I hope its not bad.

looks like a serious hit-but its hard to tell where the puncture is-brake line? cases? cover? just curious...

looks like a serious hit-but its hard to tell where the puncture is-brake line? cases? cover? just curious...

irondude. the hit was directly above the rear brake pedal in the clutch cover. it makes a "U" shaped divit. gonna order a new one and also JB weld the old one and keep it as a spare. still scratching my head on how i took the hit since it had to have happened towards the end of loop 2 at sunday's enduro. we didn't see any technical until loop 3...

i remember coming down a waterfall that had a couple of sections where the rocks got together real, real, close. so a rock could have stabbed in from the outside. i jammed my right ankle right around that time so it may have happened then.

but more likely the hit came from dropping the case down on top of a boulder which then pushed the brake lever into the clutch cover.

either way it just means i haven't been riding very clean lately. :)

this season is starting off really expensive.

btw: also that oil leak has absolutly nothing to do with the footpeg fix going under the case. totally unrelated.

the footpeg fix is very sano.

Before you JB Weld it, check out a product called QuickSteel Epoxy Paste, which you can get at any Autozone. I used it to repair my son's plastic fuel tank and it worked excellent until the fuel tank was bashed in a different spot that split it wide open, but the QuickSteel still held. It's easy to use, inexpensive, bonds to many materials and is resistant to many chemicals. It can also be drilled & tapped within an hour and sets up in only 15 minutes. I've only used it twice so far, but its something else to check out if you're looking for alternatives to JB Weld, which I also like very much.

I know it's kind of late to bring this up and maybe it wouldn't of helped, but consider a Brake Saver.

You can usually find them for $12 or less if you look around from places like this, but they're not too hard to make yourself if you've got the materials.

The TT store sells them too since they sell the complete White Brothers product line and there's 4 different brands to choose from in the WB catalog ranging in price from $5.35 to $10.95.

thanks qad. i was using "JB weld" as a generic term like kleenex. honestly i don't know what to use on the clutch cover so i'll take your advice and use the product you mentioned.

yeah, i should run a brake saver. i wonder if in this case if one would have made a difference since the lever was forced up and not out... what do you think. don't matter, either way, i'll still call IMS and see if they stock em. but curious...

what do you think?

Your guess is as good as mine. 50/50 maybe? I don't use one, but after your incidednt I'm thinking about getting one.

Damn waterfalls...!

that QuickSteel is amazing. I always have a stick of it in my tool pouch. It'll take care of most any puncture in just a few minutes...a Baja must-have!

Shecky! Take this down, then order me some...Quick Steel! Now go get the Jet! :)

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