Who would be interested in a quieter pipe?

Marty, Harry and PMaust were discussing a plan to contact the aftermarket companies about quieter pipes. Who else out there would be interested?

How much power would you be willing to give up? If you were going to lose, where would you want it – Bottom end, middle, top? What would you be willing to spend?

I’m sure we could get some assistance from the AMA or Blue Ribbon Society. I’ll make some calls and inquire.


Great idea, I would be interested. I would spend the money to be a good citizen.

I would give up 2 hp and be willing to add 2lbs in weight (compared to an aftermarket unit). This might be enough to get from 104db to about 98db-100db or maybe even less if we are lucky.

The item that I would stress is a durable and well made exhaust. Maybe all stainless and a little thicker guage than some of the aftermarket pipes. A thicker guage will help keep the noise down.

I really didn't think that the stock pipe on the WR426 was that load. You guys think so? I really wouldn't want to give up anything for a decrease in lets say 4 or 5 db. I would have to think about it I guess. Maybe I missed your point in your post?

Dennis :)

Make an equivalent to the stock KTM silencer. I don't know how loud it is but everybody seems to think it is just about perfect.

I'm man enough to admit that I can't use the full potential of my bike with the stock silencer & Thumper insert - make it quieter & lighter than that with a rubber mount like the YZ & I'll be content.


Here's what would get me to open my wallet for a YZ250F pipe:

DB = Same as stock pipe or less

HP = Increase of 3HP over stock bottom to top

LB = 1 lb less than stock

$$ = $300 for rear half of pipe

You asked...


I am glad you finally came to that conclusion :)!

When I saw you straining to handle the BRUTE TORQUE of your Wife's Honda XR250...I knew something was amiss!

Bri, c'mon, NEVER publicly admit anything like that. It would be like me mentioning the embarassing surgery I had that Mike in S.V. keeps bringing up! :D

No pun intended!


I entered my first M/C race on Sunday - a HS at the club. I rode the C class - all us were lumped together, under 35, 35-40, 40+. And the mini's ran in the 'C' race - a mini is anybody under 18, bike size doesn't matter. There were kids on YZ250Fs, CR250s, YZ80s etc. Let's just say I was shown how truly slow I am by a kid on a YZ80. Granted I was riding the XR but I don't think it would have much difference if I was on my WR or my KX500. Those damn kids have no idea of fear or pain & suffering. The only place I was truly at a disadvantage that can't be blamed on rider ability was the steep uphills that the XR just can't pull with me on it.

As far as your surgery goes - we have the technology. It's too bad you don't work for the city of San Francisco - the board of supervisors just voted to cover sex change surgery for city employees :)

Hey man, don't knock the mighty XR250 - it's the only bike to have when in pure survival mode.


A little background. When I bought my bike I hadn't ridden for several years. I came from SoCal and spent most of my time in the desert. When I came to N. Cal and decided to get a bike again I bought the WR400. The bike came from Canada and the stock exhaust was not stamped U.S. Forestry Approved. whether rightly or wrongly I figured I might get hasseled by the rangers. So, before leaving the store I bought an after market pipe which was a WB E-Series. I never gave the sound thing a thought because when I was riding before out in the desert the sound was not such an issue. In the mean time I dumped my stock exhaust into the trash. Now, where does that leave me? I want an after market exhaust system that is light, quiet, and lets the bike run at its fullest potential throughout the power band. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? Maybe. So I am willing to comprimise a little. I think if we the consumers let the after market exhaust folks know what we want and are willing to pay for it they have the brains and technology to produce it. If one company does then they will all jump on the band wagon to keep market share and maybe compete with each other to produce a better quieter pipe. The whole point of this post is to see if we can flex our collective muscle to get the manufactures to come up with something. I believe they can. Hope you will join us in this effort. Thanks, Paul M. :)

I like the easily removable "quiet core" approach. There are times when noise is not a big deal (like a track) and I want the bike to run at its potential. Then there are times when it is important to be quiet, warming my bike up in the driveway or riding the slickrock trail in Moab. I mountain bike too and it sucks when some guy rips by on a really loud bike while you are pedaling. The stock exhaust is really pretty good for covering both needs (I have a WR250F). I like how easy it is to put in the baffle, I just jet for baffle out. I would not buy a heavier exhaust. Right now I am waiting for Doug Dubach to get his quiet core working to upgrade from stock. It is much lighter than stock, and the YZ250F I rode with one was incredible.

If the KTM pipe is so quiet, why not buy one, saw the silencer off and weld it on the end of your aftermarket pipe?

Does the KTM pipe generate more HP than the stock WR pipe? I am interested in an aftermarket pipe that is lighter than stock and same db or less while insert in.

i have a stock yz pipe ill sell ya ,,and ill throw in some ear plugs for free

Quiet pipes are needed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Arrow makes an exhaust system that is less than 98 dBa for the European motocross market and is availible in the US (probably expensive). I have seen photos of World Enduro 4-strokes with the Arrow system and they have to meet 94 dBa (no excusses).

Originally posted by pmaust:

I think if we the consumers let the after market exhaust folks know what we want and are willing to pay for it they have the brains and technology to produce it. The whole point of this post is to see if we can flex our collective muscle to get the manufactures to come up with something. I believe they can. Hope you will join us in this effort. Thanks, Paul M. :)

Thanks Paul - That's it exactly!

I agree with Brian Meadows, Yamaha should be doing this. You know, Yamaha, the company that uses the tuning fork as an icon. They are beating the other big three manufactures with their innovative products for both dirt and street. They have the technical abilities to develop and manufacture a powerfull, fast quiet machine. Why should we have to turn to the aftermarket for a quiet pipe.

The bike magazines are part of the problem! They say they don't approve of loud bikes and yet every WR test is run with the throttle stop cut, intake baffle removed, and the plug out of the exhaust.

"Sure we complained to Yamaha about the excessive noise, but since they keep taking us riding in frigging Costa Rica it's hard to bitch too much. Besides we wouldn't want to be taken off of the invite list next year! They are one of our best ad accounts"

Sorry, just by 2 cents.......

I do feel better though......

I too am firmly convinced that Yamaha and the others could make such a pipe. However, I think they are somewhat hindered from the political front. Some burocrat is making them do things they wouldn't ordinarily do. You don't really believe that the engineers at Yamaha wanted to add the throttle stop do you? Besides I think that the big companies like Honda, Yamaha, et al try to keep cost down as much as possible on production models to keep them affordable. How many of you could afford to buy a works bike out the door? I'm guessing not many. Further, different people like to customize their bikes to suit their own taste, and riding style. The after market companies provide a very valuable service and I think the bike makers see it that way as well. Plus it allows for greater depth of innovation. Buying a KTM pipe and retro-fitting it to the WR may be an option. It may solve the problem of sound but may create other problems with jetting and so on. I would prefer to buy something that is made to work on my bike whether my bike is a DR, WR, YZ, or what have you. The removable insert is a good idea. Even the White Brothers gives you some sound and tuning options. But, from my experience it goes from loud to louder and if you make it comfortably quiet the bike IMO is too choked up. What does it hurt to make the after market guys aware of what we want? I realize that not everyone is highly motivated on this issue. Because quite frankly you may not ride where it really matters. But, if you do decide to go somewhere where noise is an issue, wouldn't you rather have a pipe that is quiet but still kicks? For those of us who are interested what should our strategy be? I know we want to contact the after market companies but should we do it individually or, as a group? Thanks :)

We've got an insert that we've developed.

Some of you guys want it all but you would have better luck winning the lotto.Believe that Yamaha as the resources to quiet these bikes with out performance loss.The compromise is big huge mufflers and allot more wieght.If your primarily trail and play riding you probably don't want to sacrifice to much bottom end.A certain amount of exhaust back pressure helps reserve bottom end power.Most of the time back pressure increase go's hand in hand with noise reduction.If your looking for good performance and very liveable noise e-mail fastboys@mcn.net


Because I'm lazy and an aftermarket manufacturer should be able to build a pipe that bolts onto my WR AND offers the same performance as the stock KTM silencer for less money than I could do it myself. Hell, Yamaha should be doing this from the factory.


I just put on a Big Gun Quiet Series on my 98 WR400 and believe I recieved what I payed for :D. They claim 94dB from a stock number of 104dB. At idle or low revs I believe that is true, however it still bellows pretty good at higher RPM. The bike runs well, but I still need to go through the jetting exercise :).

I demonstrated the bike to a friend who owns one too and he noted how much quieter the bike sounded. He insulted me with the "wuss" comment and said it souned like a lawn mower. Tough beans, I like it and it gives me the ability to make the bike quiet by backing off the gas.

If you are willing to spend the coin, then this is it. There is definate decrease in noise, however don't expect a bike Grandma would love. Besides, these are performnce bikes. You don't want to be called a wuss and have it be true.

Go for the pipe, you will like it.


Many people on this site have made our own inserts. Mine works great. The thing most of us are looking for is a LIGHTER system that is quiet that doesn't choke up the bike. Your insert doesn't make the stock pipe lighter. Thats one of the big issues. Why don't you post a pic of this insert you have made?

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