Who would be interested in a quieter pipe?

I picked up a KTM muffler and cut and welded it on my wr400 this past weekend. The only problem so far is I haven't had a chance to ride it yet. The bike is dual-sported so I need it quiet for the street.. Hopefully this weekend I can ride and find out how loud it isn't


Has FMF actually released the quiet version of the Powercore 4 squared Q. Anyone try it yet or is everyone gun shy after FMF's previous Quiet claims?


Having had the privelage of racing amateur mx for many years, as you saw, I too learned that bike displacement does not have the impact on lap times as one would imagine. I do believe the fastest mini expert (A class) lap times were less than those of the 125B/250B/Open B class.

As far as your XR250...I would label the Honda XR's as the most trouble free line of offroad bikes, EVER. They may have had lackluster engine performance relatively speaking, but as for reliability, history has been made!

As for my surgery, we'll just keep it a secret. And all you other guys, shhhh... :)


'99 WZ with all YZ mods, de-octopused, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action, OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat, carb mods by Jim Dean and Sir "Taffy" from Jolly Old England, AMA, NESC.

I am waiting for FMF Powercore VI Hexagon with the ceramic vortex power bomb. They are still in the R&D phase but it should be out in 2003. They do have the pricing figured out, $599 with the spark arrestor. No decibel levels yet but Brian Bakken over at FMF says it will be low. And that is good enough for me.


Fershy, do you have Brian's number at FMF? I didn't realize the cermamic vortex pipe was so close to production. I want to send him a deposit so I get the first one produced. Do you now if that cost includes shipping?

Thanks again for the info! :rolleyes

Originally posted by Brian Meadows:


Because I'm lazy and an aftermarket manufacturer should be able to build a pipe that bolts onto my WR AND offers the same performance as the stock KTM silencer for less money than I could do it myself. Hell, Yamaha should be doing this from the factory.


i live in australia and just got my 01 wr426 delivered yesterday. wr's in this country come with full road compliance ( and a quiter pipe ) mine has a sticker on the pipe claiming 94 db. so yamaha do make one. You just have to figure out a way to let them know that you want one ( for the right price that is )

I forgot to add the muffler is stainless steel


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I believe that 94 dB is with the 'pea-shooter' insert installed (I may be wrong...)

Low noise does not mean high pressure drop.....


Originally posted by Brian Meadows:


I believe that 94 dB is with the 'pea-shooter' insert installed (I may be wrong...)

Low noise does not mean high pressure drop.....


Brian, there does not appear to be anuthing in the end of the muffler that is removable

( i wish there was ) it's too quiet !


Tony Montana

Tony, Your bike does not have the removable core that the others are talking about, your pipe is welded shut, I really like how quiet that pipe is, it's a real nice exhaust note, I did however replace it with a Pro-curcuit T4 unit, with the T4 the bike really comes alive and gives so much more. It's not about HP like everyone talks about, I can't really put it in words how much more fun the bike is to ride with a performance exhaust sys. I just got my new "Quiet Core" insert yesterday so when I need to be respectful and legal I'll just put it in.

You guys with US bikes are lucky. If I had your pipes I'de run the stocker and put in a Vortip it when I needed it. I did this for years with no complaints. I cant now because I have the Canadian model.



Check out the May issue of Dirt Bike, they mention the Arrow exhaust & new quieter exhausts from FMF. As for the KTM muffler ,I understand it is a pretty easy fit, and for jetting concerns,remember both bikes are the same displacement(400) same rpm operating range,and use exactly the same carb.Having a good breathing,light,repackable,fairly quiet exhaust system is one of the things you get for your extra money when you purchase a KTM. Yes I agree Yamaha can, and probably should supply these bikes with a better ex system,but they could also use better handle bars & chain-sprockets too. Some of the reasons the Yamaha's are cheaper than the KTM.


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Let us know how you like your KTM muffler. I too have been thinking about this. My friends 520 sounds so quite until he gasses it, then it has a great throaty hp tone. would be perfect for dual sporting. How much does a KTM muffler cost?


'99 WR400 St Legal


Q series from FMF is just around the corner. If you have a Power Core IV2, the Q series core will slide right in, from what I am told. I am also told it is very quiet, without much power loss. Don Emler spends much time on the dyno, sometimes this yields pleasant surprises. If I can get my hands on one, I will advise further.

Just to amend, Q series is within a few weeks of release. There is a full-system version, and a Q series end-cap for existing FMF mufflers. Full system yields more power than stock, not sure about end cap version. More later.....


I was finally able to take my bike out for a quick ride last evening and aside from a little teaking of the fuel screw it runs real good, Not James Dean type of tuning but respectable.

I found the muffler here on the internet but not T/Talk. I stole it for $50.00 plus shipping.

It is real nice & QUIET tell you twist the throttle then of course the noise level increases but then my pick up does the same thing.


I own a 99 WR 400. I purchased an insert to the stock exhaust at Baja Designs here in San Diego. I can go head to head with all my friends riding the same bike with aftermarket pipes. My exhaust is so much quieter that I can blow by them (sneak attack) before they know what's happening. If you don't start riding quieter bikes, we are going to lose out on places to ride. I have seen this happen even in Baja during the last 7 years. It is up to us, muffle it or lose it!

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