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12 KX450 Springs - 245lb rider

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Anyone got any real world experience with spring rates on a 12 KX450?

Being a novice 245lb rider (without gear), I seem to get the following range depending on who I talk too. 


The spring rates range I have so far:


Front forks :  stock springs through to 0.52

Rear shock: 5.8 - 6.2

I'm not a huge jumper, so don't need super heavy spring to take heavy landings, so I guess that could explain the range of 'generic' rates offered by various people.


I think from memory the bike come stock with 0.48 front, and 5.5 rear.


From those numbers, quite a range to choose from, so a bit lost on what to go for.   Do I shoot for the middle, 0.50 and 6.0?

From riding so far, I actually don't mind the front forks, playing with the clickers I have them feeling quite good, although I'm sure they can get better (still not as nice as Yami SSS)


Shock spring I know I need to go heavier, currently have around 14mm free sag.


Any suggestion on what I should try?   

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6.2 and .52 minimum.

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