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Recommended dirt bike for 13 year old girl?

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I'm looking for some advice regarding subject matter. My daughter currently has a new '13 Honda CRF 110F, which I just put up for sale in the TT classified section. When I bought it for her last December she was almost too big for it but, because she was just learning how to ride I wasn't comfortable with getting her a bigger bike. Fast forward a few months and she hit a major growth spurt (currently 5ft 110lbs) and now the bike is too small for her. So my dilemma is what bike to buy her next? I had her sit on the new '14 Honda CRF 125F and she can touch the ground flat footed. I was also looking at the Kawasaki KLX 140, but both of the bikes seem pretty heavy for a girl my daughter's size to handle. Couple that with the fact they are somewhat lacking in the suspension area. With that said, I've been reading about the 85cc 2 strokes and while they all seem to have very good suspension and low weight characteristics, I have reservations about getting her one because of the peak power distribution and lack of low end. I raced motocross with an '81 YZ80 when I was younger and that thing had a wicked power band! However, I read that you can tame the power somewhat by adding a weighted flywheel, different exhaust, sprockets. etc. Anyhow, in the short amount of time my daughter rode the CRF 110 she got the riding basics down pretty fast. We live and ride out in the SOCAL high desert (sand, whoops, trails, and hills) and my daughter would like to start racing hare & hounds in the near future. Given this information, what bike would you recommend I purchase and what type of mods (if any) would you recommend? Thanks for your valued time and input.

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