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Wiring in a headlight

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I have some noob questions about this. I want to put a headlight on my xr200 and here are some final questions before I do it.

To get to the wires do I have to take the gas tank off? If so how do you that without spilling gas all over the place?

If I get a one wire regulator how do you ground it? Just by touching it to the frame? Is it internally ground? I will put a pic at bottom

Should I put bullet connectors on the ground wires, or are they just bolted to the frame? Is it better to use bullet connectors or just splice and shrink wrap? I will at least use bullets on the headlight to the the wires since the headlight already has the female bullet connectors.

Will I need to pick up any extra wire or is there enough already on the bike

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Turn the gas petcock to the off position then remove fuel line. There will be a little spillage, but not much.

Ground to the frame.

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Bullet or blade connectors work, avail at auto supply stores and Home Depot.  I prefer the 3.5mm size bullets that Honda uses, availabel at:

http://: http://www.economycycle.com/servlet/the-Bullet-Connectors--fdsh--Wire--fdsh--Electrical/Categories




I crimp and then apply solder to seal and strengthen the connections.  You can splice  wires by twisting together, then soldering, then shrink tubing.


Yes on a single frame gound point, Honda usually has one at or near the coil.  Important to use a two wire kill switch and run the grounding  wire to the frame ground point.


A single wire regulator is internally grounded thru its mount, so when mounting make sure the case touches bare metal on the frame.


For electrical safety I try to use a female connector on any wire that will be hot and the male on wires that aren't, also helps when reconnecting wires.  So for a headlight socket the filiment wires will have male connectors and the ground wire will have a female.


It is usually difficult, if not impossible, to match wire colors when adding non Honda stufff so a couple of ideas: 

Add a short piece of colored shrink tubing to the wire end (Honda does this).

Recolor the wire end, and/or the connector insulator, with a felt tip marker.

Splice on a correct color wire with the joint just inside the harness wrap.

Lastly make a good diagram showing all of the wire colors and the polarity of the connectors  (use a Honda wiring diagram for examples), or add the new wiring to a Honda diagram. And don't lose it.

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