1988 XR600R Starting Issues

I'm new to the web site so be easy on me. I just purchased a 1988 xr600r which the engine just went through a $1500 overhaul (piston,ring,timing chain, etc) in Jan 03. I have been having trouble starting the thing. It usually takes around 15-18 kicks. Once the thing is warmed up it runs strong. But one thing, right after it grabs hold and tries to start, there is a pop at the bottom end of the idle. I usually have to keep my hand on the throttle at a mid rev to get it warmed up, but once it's hot, it will idle all day with no problem. The bike was put back to stock even with the correct jets. Where do I start, besides cleaning the plug and carb? Interesting note, the automatic decompression was removed and I use the manual everytime. :)

I think the older XR's had issues with the stator's. You might want to check it out. I believe you can do this with a multimeter and without taking it apart. Check with Baja Designs www.bajadesigns.com . I think they have that info.

geez- could be one of dozens of things...

Some possible culprits:

adjust the valves

vacuum leak on carb/manifold or airbox

dirty carb/fuel tank/fuel lines/fuel filter, etc.

wrong plug

over oiled airfilter

wrong jetting/adjustment (to rich?)

just some stuff to check...

Focus on the carb. :)

Some great responses. I think I will go ahead and focus on the carb and jetting first, then continue on with some of the other suggested problems.

Thanks guys.

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