YZ250F seat for a 2011+ WR450F ?

How interchangeable are the YZ250F seats on the WR450F ?


I want to replace the seat on my WR with a tall model.  I'd rather get a complete seat rather than refoam/cover my existing seat.   Will the 2010-11 YZ250F seat fit my WR ?



Anyone ?


Nobody seems to make a WR specific seat.   What other Yamaha seats will fit the WR ?

I borrowed a friend's 2010 YZ250F seat to test fit on my WR450F. 


It does not fit.  The cleats that hold the seat to the sub frame are designed differently and in a different spot and the button that holds the seat to the tank is in a different spot as well.


It appears that the only way to get a tall seat for a WR450F is to recover a stock WR seat pan.

WR needs WR seats

SDG makes a seat

Guts Racing and Seat Concepts make foam and cover kits (your pan)

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