Are my cam journals wasted?

05 yz450f

The bike ran when pulled down for top end. Cams rotated freely and the valves were to clearance. After washing the head and inspecting it the high polish from the journals and the lifter bores is gone. Are they too far gone? Can I polish them back and check the journals with plastigauge? The pictured exhaust cap is the worst of them just fyi.

Thank you




They were never polished to start with, and there isn't anything wrong with how that one looks.  Keep in mind that the smaller surface is a direct wear surface, while the larger one is the saddle for a ball bearing that nothing ever moves against.  Just check them with Plasti Gage. 

Grayracer, thank you that makes me feel a whole lot better. I'll check and hope there still within tolerance.

Thanks again


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