2006 WR450F. Speedometer Calibration

Does anyone know how to calibrate the speedometer on a WR450.  Mine seems to read very low.  I have only had it up to 40 mph a couple times and It seems like I am doing closer to 60mph.  I need to find a way to check it and correct it.  If it is really as far off as it seems, this would throw off the odometer too and I use that more than the speedometer. 


Any help would be appreciated.

I think I figured it out.  I have actually been searching for the answer for a while on this but never posted anything about it.  In case anyone else wants to know or is having similar issues the way to calibrate the stock speedometer on a 2006 WR450 is hold down slc1 and reset for 2 seconds.  It will bring you to a speedometer calibration page.  From the factory it should read 100.0C.  That is 100% or 0 correction.  You can fine tune it by making runs with a GPS and getting it to match by moving it up or down from 100.0  Incedently mine was set at 65.0 which would be 65% of total error assuming that 100% is correct for me.  That would mean that when I ran my bike up to 42 MPH on the gauge, I was actually doing 65 MPH.  That is about what it felt like.  


I hope this helps others.   

Thanks for the info.

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