Valve adjustment of XR650R

Can you use a flat feeler gauge when adjusting the valves on an XR650R? Or do you need the gauge that's bent?

I tried the flat one and couldn't get it to work! Could have been operator error on my part. I paid $5 to buy the bent one from my local cycle shop and it was no problem.

Since I'd never done it before it was a little scary -- I didn't want to screw it up.

I'd highly recommend buying the little Motion Pro bent ones. They're much easier to use. I also like their valve adjusting tool as well :)

Cool! I just got the Motion Pro bent ones for my big & little pigs. Me likem heap much. I didn't know they had a valve adjustment tool too! Hmmmmm....

Yeah, their tappet tool is kool, but I still use a box wrench for my final tightening. Here's the link to Motion Pro's Tappet Tool Set, but you can usually find them discounted at various shops.

Stubblefield Tools also make these in black for less money (instead of Chrome like Motion Pro). My guess is that Stubblefield makes them for Motion Pro, but both brands can be purchased from from a White Bothers dealer, which means you can also buy them at a discount from the TT store :)

I was just googling around and found this place that sells a copy and perhaps its from Stubblefield too.

I just did mine and used a flat feeler gauge but the bent one would be easier.

I removed the blades I needed from an old feeler gauge set and bent the ends myself. I think some of the "prebent" ones are bent too far from the end anyway. I bent mine very close to the end to make it easier to get them in there and use them as book marks in the repair manual so I can find them.

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