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2013 CRF250r

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I have a new 2013 CRF 250R with about 5 hrs on it

i have a bit of a stalling problem,

i use mainly in the bush and it seems to stall at lower RPM,  such as crawling through some tight bush, 

it also will stall if i idle for about  30 seconds then go to grab a little throttle and it just stalls.

to start it again i have to hold the throttle wide open for 1 kick then leave the throttle closed , let it idle for 10 seconds then rev it up and good to go.

if i don't hold it wide open for one kick i have to kick it like 10 times 


any ideas, as it is considered a race bike the dealer said it doesnt come with any warranty




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First off, this is not a trail bike.

It is not designed for constant on/off low speed throttle

It does not have enough flywheel weight for that.

It also is not mapped for partial throttle riding

It is also not designed to be run at under 15 mph, or it will run hot and stall.


I would suggest a re-map and a additional flywheel weight, and a radiator fan

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