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KDX200 Clutch issue?

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Hey guys, had a interesting dilema with my buddies bike. He has a 97 KDX200. purchased it used, ran great. The only thing was a few gaskets needed to be replaced, one of which was the clutch actuator where the cable connects. After pulling the clutch cover off, and pulling that actuator out, found out that this pice had broken and rewelded back together, surprisingly well infact.


realizing that this was the issue of why it was leaking from there, my buddy purchased a new OEM one with a new gasket installed it. put the old clutch cable back on.


this is where the current problem is


we adjusted the cable back and forth in small increments and couldnt find an appropriate tension. too loose, never engaged slipped in gears, can easiily push the bike clutch out in 1st gear without rotating the piston. tighten it up and the pulling the clutch didnt disconnect the pack and couldnt roll it with the clutch pulled in. and tried alot of variations inbetween.


tried a different cable, same results.


did try where the tension should be, able to fit a nickle inbetween the free play of the clutch lever and the perch


anyone else run into this issue?

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