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Dialing in the kx supermoto

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Now that my kx is all ready to go, I need to dial in my jetting. So here's the deal. Bike doesn't like to cold start. Using the choke almost seems to make it worse. But it will start with the hot start pulled in after a few kicks, and I need to feather the throttle untill it's warm and it will idle fine. Starts up first kick every single time when hot when the hot start is pulled. When I'm holding steady throttle, the bike will basically sputter and kind of skip

Fuel/air screw 2 turns

175 main jet

42 pilot

Stock needle

Fmf powerbomb

Fmf ti powercore

Needle clip position, unknown

Elevation 1000 ft

This weekend I'm going to check my needle clip position, just looking for Input on what you guys think , too lean or rich?

The sputtering leads me to believe I'm running to lean since I installed the powerbomb, but the fact that I have to pull the hot start on a cold motor makes me think to rich, what do you guys think?

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Fmf calls for a

175 main

42 pilot

NCYS needle

Clip 4th position

2 1/2 turns fuel screw

At 1500 ft and 70F

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