2001 WR426 tusk enduro kit issue

Whats up guys? New to dirt bikes and thumpertalk! Stoked to join.

Installing a new tusk dual sport kit on an 01 WR426 and I'm coming across a problem. My OE headlight runs off the stator I believe as A/C current. Being that I'm making it street legal as well I need to have low and high beam. Question is, can I get a high beam output on my OE light with A/C current or do I need to switch it to D/C output. Thanks ahead for any advice

The OE light has a high and low but the bike doesn't come with a switch.  The connector to the headlight only has 2 wires, only the low is working.  You'll have to get a high low switch and a headlight connector, they're cheap at auto parts stores.  And do the wiring.  You don't need DC to run a headlight or tail light.  But I've never found a way to make a horn work well on AC and finally converted mine to an all DC system with a small lithium battery. 

Thanks for the Info bro, it is appreciated! I'm going to try to button up the bike up soon!

I have a similar question..

I'm considering morphing my '04 CR125 into a street legal supermoto. I can't find a higher output stator for my bike so I'm thinking of taking the LED rout for lights with even maybe a small battery. (I won't really ride it much at night anyways) Do I just need to install a universal regulator and a universal rectifier or universal regulator/rectifier unit to get DC power to run LEDs? Any flaws or concerns I probably overlooked?

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