Dubach Pipe affect Jetting??

I will be getting my Dubach pipe towmorrow and was wondering if I will need to do any jetting changes. I know alot of you prefer the thunder alley, but i also needed a spark arrestor. I have an 02 yz426 bone stock. The pipe is the first mod I have done to bike. I am in southern California, south orange county. Are there any of you guys out there near me who have a similiar set up that I have.



Originally posted by Sparky So Cal:

I know alot of you prefer the thunder alley, but i also needed a spark arrestor.

I've got a Thunder Alley, with spark arrestor, on the way as we speak.

As for the jetting, that is something I think you should try to improve regardless, although I suppose you are better off waiting until you install your new pipe.

I realize that does nothing to answer your question.

Sorry. :)

i put this pipe on my 02 426 also....

Doug was very very helpful in helping me..

and he recommended the next size leaner needle..

well i did this, and it worked very well...

the "doctor" knows best!!!!

Hick, I just ordered a Thunder Alley on Monday. I should get it by 2/1.

If you get a chance, let me know what you think of yours, and if you had to fool dramatically with the jetting.



I'm selling a 1 mo.old Dubach system (selling bike-going red), and I'm just up the road in Huntington Beach. I bet I can sell you mine a lot cheaper than you'll buy a new one for. Let me know if you're interested.. In any event, you shouldn't have to mess with your jetting. They told me that jetting wouldn't have to be altered, and they're right. My 426 rips all the way through.

Im running a Dubach pipe on my 02 yz426 with stock carb set up. Usable power from top to bottom.

Im curious about the leaner needle. What are the gains?

i thought it ran fine with the stock jetting...

but Doug was out at the races, and was listening to my bike.. he told me to try the leaner needle.. 1 leaner.. listed in the manual..

it cleaned up the bottom a little bit.. and pulled a little better out of corners... doug was right.. clip on new needle is in the middle..keep in mind this is for so. cal. tracks..and the track i was at was glen helen..

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