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RMZ 250 compression down after top end rebuild

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I just finished doing a top end on a 2005 RMZ I bought the other day. I replaced the piston, rings, cylinder, valve springs, seals, and intake valves. I had the valve seats machined to go with the new valves. All this I put together with new gaskets (of course) and everything is torqued properly. I also re-shimmed two of the valves as they were out of spec. I just got this all together late this evening and gave it a few slow kicks. I noticed the compression wasn't as much as I expected it to be. I haven't cranked it yet, I plan to tomorrow. What I am wondering is, is the low compression something to be concerned with? Or will it improve as the rings and valves seat? It may be just me but the compression isn's as much as my yzf's (290 kit, Hi-comp piston) which I wouldn't expect it to be, but I expected to be able to nearly stand on it before the auto-decomp kicks in. Any advise would be helpful, thanks!

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