Rm2502smoke to yz450f

So I just bought a 2013 yz450!!!! It's been raining all day here in Colorado, I test rode the bike on wet streets. The bike did a wheelie in 3rd gear!!! I'm 6'3" 356ibs. If that bike lifted me up in third on wet streets I can't wait to see what it does on the track in the morning!!! LOVIN MY YZ450!!!!!

Better set up that suspension before you go riding.............

Oh I will be.

I'm 140lbs on a 14' yz450f. This bike rips with my skinny *$$ on it.

The bike was amazing on the track yesterday!!! And I didn't even stiffin the shock. But next paycheck thicker springs all the way around. And I was super happy with the torque in the mud and the instant power to correct my mistakes.

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