Swingarm Bearing Help Please

I'm currently replacing the swingarm bearings in my 2007 WR450 using an All Balls kit and I have two issues that I really need help with.


1. The inner swingarm bearings on each side. The manual says that they should be pushed in to 6.5mm. However, I have measured the oil seal that then goes on and it is only 4mm. Should I just press the bearings in to 4mm and then put the oil seal in so that the oil seal sits flush with the inner swingarm surface?


2. The All Balls kit I have comes with new POM coated washers rather than the original bearing thrust washers. The kit also comes with 4 extra washers. I am not sure the order of these washers. Should it be two plain each side and then the POM washer with the yellow facing out and then the oil seal?

1) the OE yam inner seals are 6mm wide hence why it says to push the bearings in 6.5mm. These are specials and after market seals are only 4mm wide. The OEM seal is actually 4mm wide where it seals, its just got an extra wide OD.

As long as you push the bearing in far enough to be able to fit the seal, jobs a good 'un


2) If you are using the coated washer rather than the OE radial thrust bearings, then yes, like the radial thrust bearings they should be sandwiched with the plain washers

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Ok thanks for that.


I wondered if there needed to be a little bit of a gap for expansion of the metal or something? I thought about checking the originals that came out but I'm also doing the linkages and the old bits are all mixed together on the floor and bench.


Ok so the new coated washers are sandwiched in the same way ok, I thought perhaps the coated surface was on the very outside. Would you say that the coated washers or the OEM thrust washers are best?

The OEM radial thrust bearings are best, as they will have lowest friction, but if they are rusted/damaged use the coated washers in the all balls kit

Have you or anyone else got any experience with the upper shock bearing. I found that one of the rubber seals was damaged so decided to replace the bearing. The bearing itself was ok but perhaps a little stiff (but I actually think that is just the way it is supposed to be).


I was going to buy the All Balls kit for it but the profile of the outter bushes in the aftermarket kits looks a little different and just wondered if it is better to try and keep the genuine bits. I therefore could order the Yamaha seals and try and find the bearing from a bearing stockist, or use the All Balls seals and bearing and Yamaha outter bushes, but I'm not sure if they would fit?

sorry, never touched the upper shock bearing

Don't know about the WR (not looked at it that closely) but lots of other bikes just have a rubber bushing at the top of the shock, as it doesn't move much and hence doesn't need a bearing

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